Spongy Donuts started as a summer tangent. Being a self-proclaimed geek and an IT teacher with a Master’s in Instructional Technology and current A+ certification, I had friends and family constantly asking me to help set up websites for them. As I was setting up sites, I had to explain that they must also register a domain name and find a webhost for their new site. Geeks often believe everyone has the innate ability to tinker with technology; however, in my experience, most people don’t enjoy poring through lines of code to find a missing slash. Moreover, people want their technology, be it a website or a computer, to just work. Consequently, I set up Spongy Donuts as a one stop solution for those people who just want a website–whatever that entails behind the scenes. That is the goal of of Spongy Donuts: to offer a easy, affordable solution to those who want performance, all the hosting goodies, and a support staff who realizes not everyone enjoys “fixing” technology problems.

Where did the name Spongy Donuts come from? How is that related to webhosting? Do you have a strange donut fetish? I’m not sure how I thought up the name of Spongy Donuts–it just sounded cool. It’s not related to technology at all; well, except coffee and snacks seem to go hand-in-hand with staying up late and fixing computer problems. I am not actually a huge fan of donuts. However, on a visit to Portland, Oregon, I stumbled across Voodoo Donuts, and I must admit, they have excellent donuts. And no, Voodoo Donuts isn’t giving me a dime to say this. Although, if you’re from Voodoo Donuts, shoot me an email (mark at