Spongy Donuts started as a morphing of my original IT side business I started in 1998. That business focused on custom computer building, technical support, and digital design mainly (and many wedding audio CDs around the 2000s). In 2019, Spongy Donuts celebrates eleven years as its own entity. Being a self-proclaimed geek and an IT […]

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Shared Server Hosting

What is a shared server exactly? In order to keep costs down, many webhosting companies utilize shared server technology.  What this means is that many different sites are housed on one server with the underlying concept being small websites won’t need to harness the full power of a dedicated server.  Dedicated servers cost a minimum […]

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CMS’s, Templates, and You

What exactly is a CMS? A CMS is a Content Management System utilized by many major websites to do exactly as the name implies–manage content.  Here at Spongy Donuts, we’re experts at harnessing the power of open source CMS’s to make your website clean, lean, and efficient.  What is this “open source” you speak of? […]

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